EKOSYSTEMY drogą innowacji

We offer our customers a modern SCADA system used for monitoring and visualization of industrial facilities ...

Gas oil tanks

The device is intended for the storage of diesel fuel. Double-jacket is made of ground ...



Hydrophore sets

Booster's production of the Eko-Sytemy is complete, a two-or wielopompowe, fully automated ... ...

Modern fences made of plastic

Produced from raw material fully taxable recycled, giving the natural stone effect.

On-site waste water treatment plants

Domestic sewage treatment plants - biological SBR, drainage .....

Road separators

Separators road (road barriers) filled with sand or water are used for temporary security ...

Sand and salt containers

Containers are made of high, quality polyethylene with an appropriate structure and wall thickness.


Separators: lamela separators, coalescence separators, grease and starch separators... 

Settlement tanks

The device has been approved by the Institute for Environment Protection AT/2007-08- 0303

Sink basins

Sewer manhole and EKO-SYSTEMY niewłazowe made ​​from polyethylene ...



Tanks for on-site waste water pumping stations

Domestic sewage pumping stations are used to transport sewage from households ...

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Tanks for on-site waste water pumping stations

 Tanks for on-site waste water pumping stations are intended for transporting the following type of waste:

- household,

- drainage water,

- thaw water,

- rain water,

the waste is transported over large distances and to higher altitudes.

Their size and location of all the connectors are each time adopted to actual landscape conditions.

On-site pumping stations are a special case of pumping stations which serve the purpose of pumping waste from selected households located below the collector altitude or gravitational or pressure collector network. They are usually equipped in one submersing pump controlled by floats.


In individual cases there is a possibility of assembling two pump sets depending on the size of the pumps and the required capacity.

Pumping stations may be used for:

- urban housing developments,

- rural housing,

- dispersed housing.

The basic elements of a pumping station include:

- a tank,

- submersing pump,

- piping with cut-off and reverse fittings,

- control system.

The pumping station tanks produced have a diameter of DN 800 and 1000, a conical or oval bottom. Those tanks can also feature as retention tanks for rain water.

A polyethylene 600 mm cover serves as a lid which is intended to foundation on green areas or a load reducing cover with a manhole of an appropriate class for traffic areas. Holes in the tank intended for technology connector are made, according to requests, with an In SITU seal.

The pumping station is equipped in a rotodynamic submersing DB 32, DN 50, DN 65 pump with a shredder and piping together with cut-off and reverse fittings. The device is equipped in liquid level sensors.

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